Are we in for a year of insults?

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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull this week delivered a tirade in parliament against Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, calling him a parasite, hypocrite and sycophant.

Mr Shorten has previously used the epithet ‘Mr Harbourside Mansion’, coined by Tony Abbott’s former chief of staff Peta Credlin.

Are the jibes a sign of more acrimonious mud-slinging to come or just a feisty start to the parliamentary New Year?

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Lorikeet, further to your assertion about the state governments cutting rebates and concessions - DG DEWS in QLD said at a forum I attended mid last year that his department was conducting a complete review of rebates and concessions apropos the relevance to the actual recipients. It seemed the original intent to help those in greatest need in the community was now not being met. Many with huge incomes were receiving them so that was blatantly wrong and must be adjusted.

Should a labor government remain, what will this review bring I wonder. LNP would implement it immediately. How close the review is to completion is unknown.

Just the usual phishing barbs from Weg, so no need to worry BG. His looseness with the truth leaves him with little credability, so it is best to let sleeping dogs lie. Even he knows that the stuff he writes would rival any fairy tale.

I am becoming increasingly concerned about the huge level of support for Pauline Hanson, which I believe is much higher than the media tells us. The people have brains that are easily filled with false hope when the major parties have deserted them. Attempts to deprogram them are fraught with difficulty, as I seem to be knocking against hardened turtle shells.

I believe the main aim is to overload our state and federal parliaments with Liberal and quasi-Liberal politicians in order to crush the social security system, take away rebates and concessions, and further decimate the public health system. Then when the job is done, Liberals will turn on One Nation and cut them down en masse, like wheat going through a combine harvester.

Thanks to the huge number of foolish people who voted up a 4 year fixed term in a state with no upper house, we can look forward to hell on Earth occurring in Queensland.

I do not uphold conspiracy theories, only conspiracy facts, which ought to be crystal clear to everyone these days. If the banks were not a problem, half the country would not be screaming for a Royal Commission or losing sleep over their superannuation. If the UN did not have its nose stuck very deeply into our Finance, Trade, Manufacturing, Immigration, Defence, Employment etc, things would not be turning pear shaped.

People keep asking repeatedly why Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull don't act in a responsible fashion and get on with restoring the economy. I get sick of delivering the answer but here it is again. They are the latest leaders charged with the responsibility of sending our nations backwards to achieve the UN's global flattening agenda. There is no plan to raise up Australia and the information delivered by both of the major parties is primarily lies and drivel.

Maggie, no one is disputing that you call out Liberals whenever you think they deserve it. Part of the reason there are splits occurring in the Liberal Party is their left faction's move away from traditional social and economic values towards ideologies supported by the Greens. These would include the idea that we should accept diversity in a blanket fashion, without due regard to various negative repercussions, uphold the Carbon Religion and allow it to destroy our economy, and agree to open slather on pro-death policies. This is the Turnbull faction.

I would like to vote for a party that upholds the rights of workers, looks after ordinary Australians, and upholds strong traditional social values. It could be environmentally responsible without trying to rip us off or sell us out to other nations. To do this, you would need to marry a right wing Liberal to a true Labor supporter (not modern ALP).

I note there are political tragics on this blog. Only fools believe their political party is the soul source of knowledge and wisdom. All parties have some good ideas but also some bad ones. It takes a little research and reading to sort the wheat from the chaff.
I listen to all parties espouse their ideas. This way I can see both sides of an argument and come to my own informed conclusions. Listening to just one party only gives you tunnel vision. Every argument has two sides. Don't limit your reading, as quite often your party may be wrong. Find and read everything that is available, and it will bring balance to your thinking.
While I mainly support one party, I am prepared to tell them when they have got it wrong. That is democracy in action. Supporting everything your party tells you is fraught with danger, and only serves to limit your knowledge and understanding of issues. And it is issues not personalities that we should be discussing.

"Are the jibes a sign of more acrimonious mud-slinging to come or just a feisty start to the parliamentary New Year?"

After reading WEG's various comments on 15 and 16 Feb it looks like the mud bucket is full and his/her hands are deep in it.

Shorten certainly has his faults but the Prime Minister's (and WEG's) obsession with him personally is becoming a bit too self-serving, trying to deflect criticism. It's a bit like the thief with his hand in the till yelling "look over there, look over there" while he ducks for cover.

Lorikeet, apologies for misunderstanding your earlier comment. BG.

Who cares about Shorten? Why are we talking about the Opposition Leader? He is not running the country Turnbull is. Oops sorry I said that wrong. I should have said that Turnbull is ruining the country. Why are we not talking about the mess that he is making?
Fair dinkum, Malcolm Turnbull and his mob are the worst Liberal government in our history, worse even than Abbott. Why aren't we talking about legislation, and economic strategies, instead of matching testoterone with the opposition leader.
We don't care who the best bully is, we only care about our futures. When are you getting back to work Malcolm?

Lorikeet, why do you and Weg associate me with Green ideologies or left wingers? You should address what I say not label me.
I actually voted for Turnbull, and apart from 2013 where I voted against Abbott's team, I have mostly voted Liberal. Now because I identify the failures of the government I helped elect, you want to associate me with other parties. Why?
Unlike Weg who makes things up to support his party, you usually have good input. While I do not agree with your UN and bank conspiracy theories, at least your input is genuine and not cut and pasted spin like Weg.
Lorikeet, just accept that I support good ideas no matter their source. I know other parties do have some good policies, and as a free thinker, I can support those ideas. But I assure you I have not and will not support the rabid extremes of the Greens or One Nation

As far as I'm concerned, all of our elected representatives are members of "the government" and should be working together for pro-Australian outcomes. We never see the many good people who are blocked by the media so they don't get into the parliament. At the same time, good politicians are quickly ejected for showing pro-Australian tendencies, or voting according to their consciences, or to meet the needs of the people.

I don't consider Bill Shorten to be "just the opposition leader", which has a negative connotation which need not be used anyway. He is leading the second largest group of politicians who could change the way the country is heading if they could only persuade sufficient politicians that we are supposed to be living in a democracy. This means that they should be free to vote independently of bossy control freaks, instead of behaving as if they belong to a communist bloc.

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