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Following the July election, the new federal parliament contains its largest cross-bench of senators ever. The 20 in total comprise 9 Australian Greens and 11 others from parties ranging from One Nation to the Nick Xenophon Team, Jacqui Lambie Network and Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party.

To implement its savings measures and move towards reducing the budget deficit, the Coalition Government will need the support of the Labor Opposition in the senate.

Is it time for bi-partisanship between the two main parties? Or should Labor be as obstructionist as the Coalition was in...


After months of planning, naysayers were proven right when the Census website crashed on Tuesday night and stayed down the following day.

In a departure from previous years, people had been encouraged to complete the 2016 census online. Those without internet access could order a paper form.

But in the lead up to the big night, National Seniors members reported struggling to make contact via automated census telephone lines; not receiving paper forms in time; and privacy concerns.

What was your census experience? How did you find it? Were the issues reported in the...


Following this week’s Reserve Bank decision, official interest rates have hit another record low at 1.5 per cent.

Whilst this may boost economic growth and is good news for people paying off mortgages, retirees are seeing diminished returns on simple, low risk investments like term deposits.

What does the latest interest cut mean to you? Is this low interest rate environment affecting your retirement plans? Are you changing the way you invest?


August, the height of the European summer, is also the height of the tourist season.

But a recent run of violent attacks across France, Belgium, Germany and Turkey may diminish its attractiveness to international visitors.

Would safety issues, real or perceived, put you off visiting Europe this year?


As we move towards the opening of the Rio Olympics and the business end of the football season, independents Senator Nick Xenophon and House of Representatives MP Andrew Wilkie have called for a $1 bet limit on poker machines and a ban on gambling ads during sports broadcasts.

Xenophon says at least one in 10 Australians is hurt by gambling addictions and believes the issue is enough to sway the outcome of some marginal seats at the next federal election.

Wilkie says big donations from gambling companies should be scrutinised, as should political donations.

Both men...