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Topic: Is it time for a seniors’ political party?

After The Australian ran a piece on Monday 29 March about the importance of the over 50s vote in this year’s federal election, several people called to raise the idea of a seniors political party.

With older Australians making up 41 per cent of the voting population, a seniors party would have six million potential supporters.

The proportional representation system used for...


Australia has the lowest workforce participation rate for the over 55s of all English-speaking OECD countries. Australian Bureau of Statistics figures released this week show that older Australians experience longer periods of underemployment than younger people. The average length of time older workers spend underemployed is between 85 and 90 weeks—over a year and a half. More than 200,000 older Australians who work part-time want to work more hours.

Older workers face numerous barriers to staying in jobs or finding work. Age discrimination is rife. National Seniors have had...