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Protecting finance reforms
We need your support. Don’t let the government unwind consumer protections!

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Federal Budget Submission
Read what National Seniors are calling for in the 2014-2015 Federal Budget.
RT @SBSNews: What's on: Anzac Day events across the country bit.ly/1fsJTjT pic.twitter.com/tjp666z1Zc
Treasurer @JoeHockey acknowleges barriers facing older workers on @RadioNational bit.ly/1ibiOGP #auspol
RT @hughriminton: New Essential poll shows hostility to changes to the pension, and to cutting the #ABC @TenNewsSydney">essentialvision.com.au/category/essen@TenNewsSydney @TenNewsSydn@TenNewsSydney

Feature Block #3

Pension age debate
We need to tackle mature age unemployment before raising the pension age.

Feature Block #4

Financial System Inquiry
Seniors demand tougher financial advice standards following financial collapses.
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April-May 2014