National Policy Congress

Established as part of reforms to the Constitution in November 2013, the National Policy Congress provides a more structured and transparent process for the development of public policy at National Seniors Australia, as well as enhances the opportunity to harness specific member expertise.

The National Policy Congress is comprised of National Seniors Australia Board Members, State or Territory Policy Advisory Group Chairpersons, five National Council members and up to five National Seniors Australia members appointed through an EOI process.

Policy Congress members are appointed for rolling terms of one, two or three years to ensure a continuity of advice and experience. The Chairperson of the National Policy Congress will be appointed by the Board and be a Member of National Council.


The Board

  • Mr Christopher Guille – SA
  • Ms Valerie Pratt – NSW
  • Mr Darryl Wilson – QLD
  • Ms Marcia Griffin - VIC
  • Mr Ross Glossop - WA
  • Ms Josephine Stevens - QLD
  • Ms Noela L'Estrange - QLD

Members appointed through the EOI process

  • Mr Charles Morrissey – NSW 
  • Ms Jane Evans – VIC 

Members from National Council

  • Mr David Warner – QLD
  • Mr Andrew Dunn – SA 
  • Ms Mary Parsissons – TAS

Chairs of Policy Advisory Groups

  • Ms June MacDonald - WA
  • Ms Vera Somerwil – QLD
  • Ms Mary Parsissons – TAS
  • Mr Bill Donovan – ACT
  • Ms Margaret Borger – NT
  • Ms Myrana Wahlqvist – SA
  • Dr Irene Stein – NSW

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