My Dr Bill

National Seniors partners with My Dr Bill to empower older Australians to understand and potentially minimise out-of-pocket specialist fees.

The My Dr Bill website is a free and independent resource to help Australians find an affordable specialist and avoid unnecessary medical expenses. Individuals can share the costs from their medical procedures, or look up a particular procedure to find typical costs. My Dr Bill aim to make doctor's fees transparent, and educate consumers on the choices available to them and questions to ask when searching for a specialist.

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About My Dr Bill

My Dr Bill was created by two doctors who recently retired after 45 years in the Australian health system. These doctors were surprised and concerned when several members of their family were hit by substantial unexpected costs for maternity care and other medical procedures, despite having top level private health insurance. They realised how little information about cost is available to patients trying to navigate the system. The independent and not-for-profit My Dr Bill website aims to give consumers information and guidance to help them find the right specialist. 

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