Fighting for a better deal for older Australians

Older Australians want strong and effective government, one that represents the interests of all Australians, and which makes prudent decisions after careful consideration and planning.

Older Australians are keen to continue their lifelong contribution to society. They best do so when there are clear and consistent rules and regulations around issues such as superannuation and retirement income, and adequate supports and safety nets, such as the Aged Pension.

National Seniors want all political parties and candidates to adopt policies that address:

Our Election Policies

Fix pension poverty

National Seniors has partnered with the Benevolent Society to fight for a fair go for people on the pension.

What’s needed:
• Establish an Independent Age Pension Tribunal
• Increase the maximum rate of Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA)
• Provide a subsidy to connect to the NBN or another appropriate internet service
• Expand the provision of basic dental care for pensioners, including those in aged care.

Address aged care deficiencies

The age care system is failing Australian families. Government must repair and boost aged care and safeguard the health, safety, dignity and wellbeing of Australia’s older people.

What’s needed:
• Triple the number of level 3 and 4 home care packages
• Require that all aged care providers publish staff-to-resident ratios
• Ensure all aged care staff in direct care roles have basic dementia training.

Maintain fairness in retirement incomes

National Seniors is fighting for policies that create a fairer and stronger retirement system for all older Australians.

What’s needed:
• Retain access to franking credits for self-funded retirees
• Reduce the asset test taper rate from $3.00 to $2.00
• Exempt up to $250,000 of home sale proceeds from the Age Pension means test.

Arrest rising health costs

Spiralling out-of-pocket health care costs are the single biggest concern of older Australians.

What’s needed:
• Require all specialists to publish fees on a public register and ensure that all GPs make patients aware of choice when referring to a specialist.
• Limit private health insurance premium increases to no more than CPI until reforms take effect.

Protect pensioners from future rises in energy costs

Pensioners continue to be hit hard by escalating energy prices.

What’s needed:
• Reinstate indexation of the Energy Supplement.

Improve Centrelink wait times

Excessive wait times for essential services such as Centrelink are unacceptable.

What’s needed:
• Cut Centrelink telephone waiting times for older Australians and reduce Age Pension processing times.

Protect older Australians from elder abuse

No older person should suffer abuse.

What’s needed:
• Accelerate efforts to create nationally consistent Powers of Attorney legislation and a single national register for these documents.

These polices are an investment in the health, well-being and productivity of older people across our nation.

We want all parties and candidates to adopt and commit to these policies so that older Australians, their families and those who will one day become older Australians can enjoy an even better life.

These initiatives are also summarised in our fact sheet and in the video below.

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