Frequently Asked Questions

The car buying process with National Seniors Australia and Auto Advantage explained:

1. Members call 1300 76 50 50 or make contact online.

2. The enquiry is passed directly to the Auto Advantage team where a personalised car buying needs analysis is undertaken to establish type and style of car, new or used, resale values and trade disposal, pricing and servicing and new versus used vehicles etc. This might also include Auto Advantage making arrangements for members to visit local dealers to compare options without sales pressure.

3. The member then agrees to receive an obligation free quote.

4. Auto Advantage uses its independent purchasing power to find the best possible deal on a specific car or in some cases a number of options.

5. Members might then wish to visit their local dealer to test drive and inspect vehicles.

6. If the car is used, Auto Advantage can also arrange for independent inspections to be undertaken.

7. Individual specifications are confirmed and final price and delivery date determined. Once the member has chosen a vehicle and agreed with the final price, Auto Advantage will then facilitate the order of the new/used vehicle. A new/used vehicle contract will be signed between the member and the motor dealer that also includes the fee paid to Auto Advantage. A deposit is normally required to secure the vehicle.

8. Auto Advantage will update the member regarding the estimated delivery timing and arrange for the dealer to provide a full briefing session about the car and its specifications.

Other FAQs

What type of vehicles can Auto Advantage access for me?
All makes, all models, new and used.

How does Auto Advantage get paid?
Auto Advantage do not charge customers. They simply receive a nominal fee from the dealer who has “’won” your sale by offering the best price and vehicle.

Can I trade my existing car?
Yes, Auto Advantage can arrange trade disposal.

Is financing available?
Yes, Auto Advantage can assist customers with loans for cars, motorcycles, boats and caravans through its sister company Lend Advantage. Lend Advantage is an accredited lending broker accessing some of Australia’s most trusted and competitive financing packages.