Health & Aged Care

Our health has a major impact on us as we age, which is why it’s important for us to stay abreast of any changes in the costs of health care and access to key health services, as well as increase public awareness of health care options.

  • Some of the health and aged care issues National Seniors has fought for in the past include:
  • Improving the quality of care for aged care residents
  • Helping consumers and their families to access care
  • Initiatives for early intervention and wider access for dental care
  • Ensuring care is affordable for all
  • Lowering of out-of-pocket health care costs for patients with chronic conditions
  • Increasing pay rates for aged care staff
  • The introduction of national standards for hospitals, improving efficiency and patient outcomes
  • Creating awareness of the need for more flexible community home care to allow people to age in their own homes
  • Lobbying for the introduction of fire sprinklers in aged care homes.

National Seniors continues to fight for seniors across a range of health and aged care issues.

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