Policy Advisory Groups

Our volunteer Policy Advisory Groups provide members’ perspectives on state, territory and national policy issues and work with our Public Affairs team to:

  • strengthen National Seniors' national, state and territory based policy expertise.
  • provide a member perspective on policy issues and proposals of relevance to the over 50s, including issues initiated by Branches, Zones or individual members
  • provide an enhanced knowledge base about the particular issues and circumstances affecting the over 50s in their state or territory
  • contribute to our national advocacy and policy impact through their membership of the National Policy Advisory Group which is led by the Chairman of the National Seniors Australia Board.

While Policy Advisory Groups are not decision-making bodies, as policy decisions and directions rest with the Board on advice from the Public Affairs team, they do provide important perspectives and advice on policy issues.

Members of the Policy Advisory Groups represent National Seniors on working groups and committees in their state or territory, and sometimes nationally, as well as work collaboratively with our Public Affairs team to:

  • develop a state or territory budget submission each year, an Election Priority Document and policy submissions, as required
  • represent National Seniors to all levels of government, the private and not-for-profit sectors, including sitting on working groups and committees
  • identify appropriate and relevant policy topics for local community forums that encourage community debate and the consideration of policy issues
  • raise awareness of the relevance of National Seniors at the state and territory level.

Policy Advisory Group Chairs


Dr Irene Stein (NSW)

Margaret Borger (NT)

Vera Somerwil (QLD)

Mary Parsissons (TAS)

 Jane Evans (VIC)

June MacDonald (WA)

Bill Donovan (ACT)

Myrana Wahlqvist (SA)



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