The Power to Drive Change

Through advocacy, research, policy development and the voices of more than 130,000 members behind us we make a positive difference to the lives of Australia’s over 50s. The following list is just a few of our good wins.

  • An historical Age Pension increase beyond official regular indexation and against OECD trends
  • Fairer rules and higher earning limits for pensioners supplementing their pension income
  • An increase to the timeframe in which Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders can travel overseas from 6 weeks to 19 weeks
  • No age limit on compulsory superannuation to ensure those working beyond age 70 are treated equally
  • Protection of the family home in the aged care reform process
  • Annual indexation of the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card’s income test thresholds giving more self-funded retirees access to concessional medicines
  • Payments of up to $10,000 for businesses that employ mature age workers
  • Training, resources and recruitment services for mature age workers
  • Public transport concessions for Seniors Card holders travelling beyond their home state
  • Stronger consumer protections for people seeking financial advice.

Our submissions

National Seniors produces submissions in response to key Bills, consultation papers and inquiries into issues affecting the over 50s. Click here to access a collection of the submissions we have presented to state and federal government bodies.

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