December-January 2016

December-January 2016

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Home Sweet Home

In unearthing the same issues, new research highlights that policy makers still aren’t tackling the housing needs of older Australians. One of the report’s authors Professor Eileen Webb explains.

Executive Diary

National Seniors seeks to be a well-balanced organisation socially, philosophically and politically. However in one area we have not achieved that balance....

Our membership is unbalanced….in a nice way!

Yes, dear reader, you contribute to our imbalance.

The failure in balance is gender; we have more women than men.

Modern Man

Much-loved linguist and ABC broadcaster Roly Sussex, 70, tells Rosemary Desmond why 65 is just an arbitrary age for retirement and why every day brings new discoveries.

When Roland Sussex badly broke his arm at school it ended his dream of becoming a professional musician but started a lifetime love of language.

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