February-March 2016

February-March 2016

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Executive Diary

One of my favourite writers is Geraldine Brooks who progressed from a humble newspaper journalist in Sydney to an international Pulitzer Prize-winning author. Her success reflects not only her storytelling but also her attention to detail as she researches her characters and their narrative.

Red Hot

From her elegance to incisive on-screen portrayals, Dame Helen Mirren has been wowing her audiences in a career spanning five decades. In this Australian exclusive, she shares insights into her role as Hedda Hopper, the flamboyant Hollywood gossip columnist who railed against the perceived threat of ‘Reds under the bed’ in post-war America.

Pacific Pearl

Loggerhead turtles, drowned kauri forests and exquisite little French restaurants – Karen Ransome finds something quite special in New Caledonia.

Cruise ships have given New Caledonia a bad rap. Spending less than 24 hours in port, it’s easy for passengers to sail away thinking there’s not a whole lot to see on this tiny dot in the Pacific Ocean.

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