A brief overview of organisational and employee benefits of implementing age management strategies are listed below.

Organisational benefits

  • Safe-guarding against a skills/talent shortage
  • Gaining a strategic advantage over competitor organisations
  • Ensuring greater return on investment and lower re-hiring costs by engaging and retaining staff for longer
  • Responding to a diverse customer base and local environments
  • Innovation and risk management through obtaining diverse perspectives
  • Enhanced organisational brand and reputation by being an employer
    of choice
  • Tapping into the networks, talents and experiences of mature workers
  • Retaining corporate knowledge and experience which can also be imparted to other employees
  • Increased morale, loyalty, commitment and job satisfaction enhances productivity and customer service
  • Reducing costs due to sickness/absence

Employee benefits

  • Engagement in the labour market has potential benefits for both physical and mental health
  • Fostering feelings of accomplishment, self-satisfaction and integrity
  • Maintaining social connections and interaction
  • Staying active and engaged in meaningful work
  • Boosting retirement income by lengthening working life to increase superannuation balances

For a more comprehensive discussion of the many and varied benefits to employers proceed to the Business case for age management.

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