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Since early school education, the benefits of a nutritious and balanced diet have been drilled into us.

Ideally, you’ve maintained healthy eating habits throughout your life. If you’ve fallen off the wagon over the years (and to be honest, who hasn’t), then there’s no better time than now to get back into a healthy diet routine.

A nutritious diet can contribute to a higher quality of life through improved bone strength and digestive health, as well as increased mental alertness and improved resistance to illness and disease.

It’s important to eat at least three meals a day, high in calcium and low in saturated fat and salt. While our metabolism may slow as we age, you should aim to eat plenty of vegetables, fruit, cereals, breads and pastas, as well as drinking adequate amounts of water to stay hydrated.

How much and what you eat is also strongly linked to how much physical activity you do. Read more about this topic in our Exercise & Fitness section.

Check out the articles below for the latest tips and useful information on what you could be eating to keep fit and healthy.

The articles on this website are intended as a starting point for getting information on healthy lifestyle choices. Before undertaking any diet, we urge you to please speak to your health care provider about the specific nutritional needs of your body.

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