Men's Health

As with women, men have some unique health conditions that they face as they age.

Statistically, men in Australia live on average 5 years less than women, and while the majority of health risks are nutrition-related, there are also some conditions that only affect men such as prostate cancer and low testosterone.

Males are known to sometimes ignore symptoms and not seek medical advice until there is a crisis, however some major health risks can be diagnosed and treated early simply by attending regular check-ups with a medical practitioner.

Along with less severe conditions such as male-pattern baldness and erectile dysfunction, men also face other major health concerns as they age including heart disease, stroke, lung and prostate cancer.

Understanding the impact that a balanced diet and physical activity can have to men’s health is also very important. Read more in the Food & Diet and Exercise & Fitness sections of this website.

Check out the articles below for the latest research and useful information on men’s health.

The articles on this website are intended as a starting point for getting information on healthy lifestyle choices. We urge you to please speak with your health care provider about what’s best for your health and well-being.

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