$100,000 pension windfall for former UK resident

A former UK resident, now retired in Australia, has been awarded a lump sum of $100,000 and a pension of $750 a month from Britain’s Department of Work and State Pensions.

Jim Tilley, from British Pensions in Australia (BPiA), said the woman had discovered she was entitled to the UK pension she should have requested 27 years ago.

“Recently she has received a considerable back payment of more than $100,000 from the UK,” Mr Tilley said.

“Moreover, she will now be provided with regular four weekly UK pension payments of more than $750.”

He said there were likely to be other former UK residents who may also be entitled to UK pensions, which may be backdated.

“Many British expats in Australia are unaware that they left behind this potential entitlement when they headed overseas to live,” Mr Tilley said.

Many people who were probably entitled to a non-means tested British pension often declined to apply because they mistakenly believed they were required to know their UK National Insurance number and provide “copious details” of their work history.

The impact on the means-tested Australian Age Pension varied from 40 to 50 cents in the dollar received from the UK, depending on when the Australian pension was first provided, he said.

For further information, call 1300 308 353, or go to BPiA’s website www.bpia.org.au.

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