Apps aimed at staying healthy

A first aid app is available for motorists taking to the road this Easter.

The Red Cross said its First Aid app, which has had more than two million downloads worldwide, gives the most up to date information available, covering 18 common emergency scenarios such as heart attacks, road accidents, choking, sprains and burns.

The app supports the same life saving skills learned from a Red Cross First Aid course, along with instructions, interactive quizzes to test their knowledge and helpful videos and images.

Supporting both Apple and Android tablets and phones, the app can be downloaded free from iTunes and Google Play.

Meanwhile, researchers from the University of Queensland and the CSIRO are working on developing an app to monitor the symptoms and wellbeing of people with Parkinson’s disease.

Dr Jacki Liddle, from the UQ Centre for Clinical Research, said the app was part of a larger monitoring system that uses micro-sensors worn on the body to monitor patients’ movements and voice patterns.

It is hoped that by monitoring people’s movements and participation in their communities, researchers can gain important insights into the lives of people with Parkinson’s, the nature and timing of their needs and the contributions they make to the community, Dr Liddle said.

“This new technology will reduce the burden and costs associated with clinical assessments and give a more accurate indication of the impact of Parkinson’s disease and treatments on people’s lives,” she said.

The research team is seeking funding to complete the project and hopes to have the technology available within two years.

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