Communities contribute to seniors’ wellbeing

A study by National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre has looked at how local communities play an important role in the wellbeing of seniors.

The study Understanding Senior Australians and their Communities confirms findings of a similar study conducted in the ACT in July last year.

The report found a large number of seniors are engaged in their community either through participating in community events or belonging to a group or organisation.

It also studied seniors’ perceptions of their neighbours and found that 81% of respondents were either very or somewhat confident that their neighbours would help in a time of need.

Just over half said they felt safe in their community, with nearly 30% feeling unsafe.

Director of the National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre, Dr Tim Adair, said the findings of the study supported a growing body of research that shows that positive community relationships can result in many personal benefits for seniors, including feeling less lonely.

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