Government help for older workers a welcome first step

Older Australians have welcomed Government moves announced by the Treasurer as a first step to improve mature age participation in the workforce through retention, re-skilling and mentoring initiatives.

Speaking at the Government's Productive Ageing Package launch, National Seniors chairman, Everald Compton, said improving the employment prospects of older Australians was key to tackling the challenges of an ageing population.

"National seniors has been raising the need for action to increase mature age participation for a number of years and it's heartening that the Government has listened to us and taken initial steps to help keep older Australians in the workforce," he said.

"Much more can, and should, be done to tackle this issue, especially as Australia has the lowest workforce participation rate for the over-55s of all English-speaking OECD countries.

"Other measures should include tackling age discrimination, removing financial obstacles to staying in the workforce and providing incentives for employers to hire and retain older workers," said Compton.

Consultative Forum

Mr Compton also welcomed the establishment of the Government's new Consultative Forum on Mature Age Participation, which he will chair.

"National Seniors welcomes the chance to work with Government, business and unions to find practical ways to increase mature age participation in the workforce and encourage older Australians to stay in or return to work," he said.

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