Grab a piece of airport history

Calling all aviation buffs…here’s your chance to buy a piece of an iconic airport you may have passed through on your travels.

London’s Heathrow is selling off everything inside Terminal 1 to the highest bidder.

When it was opened by the Queen in 1969, Terminal 1 was seen as the gateway to the UK for millions of holiday-makers, celebrities and politicians.

Now it stands empty, waiting to be demolished to provide taxiway space for the double decker Airbus from Terminal 2.

Decommissioning teams have stripped the building bare and are selling off everything from baggage conveyor belts and flight monitors to fire extinguishers and toilet bowls.

Global Partners, the firm cataloguing the sale, has published an auction booklet detailing all the items for sale here

There are more than 100 check-in desks up for grabs, complete with scales and baggage belts, passport control desks and old signs.

One of the most popular items is expected to be the large ‘Terminal 1’ sign that hung on the front of the building.

Terminal 1 at Heathrow represents an important piece of British aviation history.

The first flight from T1 was the BE352, a 100-seater Vanguard service to Edinburgh run by British European Airways, a forerunner of British Airways, and the last was a BA flight to Hanover on June 29 2015.

While smaller items will likely be auctioned off in the coming months, there's no date set for the sale of major items as Global Partners haven't yet completed their inventory of items for sale.

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