Greens call for age discrimination action

With the number of over 50s on the dole increasing significantly since 2010, the Greens are calling for action on age discrimination.

Party spokesperson, Senator Rachel Siewert, says age discrimination is blocking older job-seekers from re-entering the workforce.

“Government figures show that there has been a 28% increase in the number of Australians aged 50 and over on Newstart since 2010,” said Siewert.

"Not only do we have more older people living below the poverty line on Newstart, but some of these people are likely to be excluded from the workforce for the rest of their lives, making it increasingly likely that they will retire in poverty.

“Fixing this problem means addressing income support and job services, as well as tackling the growing problem of age discrimination.

“Government must take charge of addressing age discrimination. Employment for older Australians helps ensure people enjoy a fulfilling, independent and dignified life,” she concluded.

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