Heart Health in the spotlight in May

During Heart Week 2011 from Sunday 1 May to Saturday 7 May, the Heart Foundation will be raising awareness of heart disease as the number one killer of Australian women.

Heart disease doesn’t just affect older men. It is the number one killer of women in Australia.

According to the Heart Foundation, women are four times more likely to die of heart disease than breast cancer.

The Heart Foundation is urging all Australians to participate in Heart Week and help raise awareness about these important health issues.

You can also register to be part of the Heart Foundation’s Healthy Heart Challenge.

Starting on 1 June 2011, this free 10-week Healthy Heart Challenge will provide small and helpful steps to assist you to improve your heart health through making simple lifestyle changes.

The important ways to maintain a healthy heart are: be active every day; improve everyday nutrition; increase knowledge of heart health; quit smoking; lower high blood pressure and lower high cholesterol levels.

To find out more about the Healthy Heart Challenge, go to the Heart Foundation's website [Link to http://www.heartfoundation.org.au ]

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