Inaugural seniors’ literary prize shortlisted

A group of older Australian writers are a step closer to seeing their work in print after being shortlisted for the inaugural National Seniors Phillpotts Literary Prize.

Established earlier this year by National Seniors Australia and National Seniors member David Needham, the prize aims to help the winner with the costs of editing, printing, publishing and marketing of a non-fiction work.

The competition, which closed on September 30, drew a field of 65 eligible entries in a wide range of non-fiction genres. Each entrant was required to be an amateur writer and Australian resident aged over 50 and to submit a minimum of 40,000 words.

The winner will be announced at a ceremony in January 2012.

Names of those shortlisted for the prize are:

The Penn Overland Story by Gerald Lloyd Davis (NSW)

A Migrant Dream in the 1950s by Bruno Vartoli (NSW)

Nulli Secundus by Terence Cardwell (Qld)

Don't I Know You by Vicki McCredie (NSW)

A Funny Thing Happened To Me … by Greg Freemantle (Vic)

The University Under the Sun by Yu Jihui (Vic)

No Heil Hitler by Paul Cieslar and Jeff Steel (Vic)

Colonial Women of Ipswich by Joyce Phillips (Qld)

North Queensland in Black and White by Patsy Coverdale (Vic)

Paradise Wins by Geoff Hoddinott (NSW)

Me and Her – A Memoir of Madness by Karen Tyrrell (Qld).

For the top four finalists, see your 50 something magazine – out next week.

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