Insurance tips and traps

The tips and traps of purchasing insurance for seniors will be the topic of discussion at a Melbourne talk next month.

On Thursday 18 September National Seniors Insurance general manager, Chris Grice, will give his insights into the different types of insurance traps.

Topics covered include:

  • Insurance 'comparison' websites as advertised on TV - find out how they really work and what should you watch out for.
  • Funeral insurance - the stark differences with products in the market and how to choose the right policy.
  • Do you rely on your credit card for your travel insurance? If so, be cautious as conditions with this type of travel insurance do apply and many travellers get caught out when they find out age limits apply or when they’re not covered for pre-existing conditions.
  • Personal identity theft - thieves who break-in to homes are becoming much more prevalent. Find out how this new trend impacts on your home insurance.

The talk is part of the National Seniors Melbourne office’s Third Thursday Talks program held every month from 11am until 12noon.

A free morning tea will be served from 10.30am. To register phone 03 9650 6144.

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