Lodging tax returns

National Seniors is seeking to hear your experiences and opinions about lodging your income tax returns.

Your comments on the recent changes to the lodging of tax returns and any other topics will inform our discussions with the Australian Taxation Office:

  • access to paper-based tax packs and returns for individual returns. Tax return for individuals, Individual tax return instructions and supplementary instructions are available on request only by telephone or through the internet
  • internet request for publications requires registration of personal details
  • electronic access only to guides and submission of more complex returns
  • understanding of the current changes for electronic lodgement which require registration through a MyGov account
  • the cost of having to seek professional assistance to access guides and make electronic returns
  • use of Tax Help volunteers from July to October to complete simple tax returns for incomes below $50,000
  • access to assistance through the tax office – in person or by telephone

Please email us your comments and suggestions by Friday 18 July 2014.

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