More places for Tech Savvy NSW seniors

More NSW seniors will be able to contact family and friends online and to use social media with the expansion of the Tech Savvy Seniors program.

The state’s Minister for Ageing John Ajaka said an extra 3,500 places each year for the next four years would provide seniors with access to free or low cost technology training.

Ajaka said the expansion would allow the program to be delivered in more languages and reach more people in rural and remote communities. Residents from a number of aged care facilities will also have access to the program onsite.

Telstra spokesman Tim O’Leary said the program was aimed at helping seniors stay in touch with family, friends and making new friends through social media.

“The convenience of smartphones and computers means access to online shopping, paying bills and banking, planning holidays and connection to the wider community has never been easier,” O’Leary said.

Since the program commenced in 2012, 29,000 places have been offered to help seniors stay connected.

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