NDIS age limit cruel

  • An arbitrary figure plucked out of thin air will be used to exclude older Australians with severe disabilities from the NDIS, says National Seniors Australia.

Yesterday the government introduced amendments to the National Disability Insurance Scheme Bill which pay no heed to extensive calls from older Australians and their families to scrap the discriminatory 65-year age limit.

“Labor’s NDIS age limit is a cruel lottery for older Australians,” said National Seniors chief executive Michael O’Neill.

“Acquire a severe disability at 64 and you’ll be covered for life; acquire exactly the same disability at age 65 and you’ll be shunted into the second-rate user-pays aged care system,” he said. “There is no basis for this figure.”

“Today’s 65-year-olds are in good health and, increasingly, in full-time employment. They’re still paying taxes, raising and supporting families, volunteering and adding to the rich fabric of their local communities.

“Should they be suddenly struck down by a severe disability, their children and grandchildren, more than anyone else, will grapple to understand why mum or grandpa is denied the help given to other Australians.

“The user-pays aged care system, where, through this exclusion, these people will be consigned, is no place for them.”

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