No phone service after provider fails

National Seniors is concerned that many older people may be living without phones or the Internet after phone provider ONESeniors, which specialises in senior clients, went into voluntary administration last week.

ONESeniors appointed administrators on Friday and in a statement to customers on Facebook, new owner Vocus Communications said it was “undertaking the difficult task of unravelling the complex supply arrangements and corporate structure”.

Vocus Communications group said it had acquired the businesses and customers of iBOSS International Pty Ltd and One Telecom Pty Ltd, including the ONESeniors customers.

A spokesman for Vocus said people who had relatives, friends or neighbours whose phone, medical alarms or internet service had been affected by the ONESeniors shut-down should call 133 001 on their behalf for further instructions and an update on the restoration of services.

National Seniors chief executive Michael O’Neill said there were fears for vulnerable older people who relied heavily on their phones or internet.

“There may well be folk out there who don’t know their phones aren’t working. They would be left quite exposed,” O’Neill said.

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