'Pet sitting' could put money in your pocket

If you would like your ‘fur baby’ to receive in-home care while you are away on holidays – or would like to make some extra cash yourself - help may be only a few clicks away.

Petcloud is like Airbnb for pets, connecting owners and sitters around Australia.

Pet sitters can set their own rates of pay, but prices start at $25 for a sitter to come to the pet owner’s home for care for the pet for a day, or $50 to care for the pet in their own home overnight.

Twice daily visits to the owner’s home to check on a pet cost $90.

Pet sitters can also earn extra money for taking the pets to appointments, such as the vet or the dog groomer’s, or for a walk.

In return, pet owners can give feedback on sitters and can search specifically for those who are RSPCA accredited.

In a survey of its sitters, Petcloud found although people aged 55 and over made up only 3 per cent of its sitters, they took more than 20 per cent of all the sitting jobs available.

The company donates 20 per cent of its booking fees to the RSPCA.

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