Share your thoughts on Aged Care visitors scheme

National Seniors would like to know your thoughts on the Community Visitors Scheme, under which volunteers make regular visits to older people in aged care homes or to recipients of home care packages.

The aim of the scheme is to enhance the lives of aged care consumers through the contact they have with community volunteers, with benefits such as increased self-esteem or general feeling of wellbeing, feeling cared for and/or connected to the community, and reduced feelings of loneliness or isolation.

The Commonwealth Department of Health is undertaking a review of the Community Visitors Scheme.

The review will explore how the scheme can continue to effectively provide support to aged care consumers who are socially isolated or at risk of social isolation.

With current changes to the aged care system having a significant impact on how consumers access and receive aged care services, the review seeks to identify the extent to which the scheme aligns with current reforms.

National Seniors will be providing feedback as part of this process and we welcome member views on the Community Visitor Scheme.

Please email by 28 November 2016 with your views. All responses will be treated as confidential.

We are particularly interested in member views on the following:

  • awareness of the scheme and ideas for improving the uptake in the home care setting
  • whether or not demand for visitors is being met, particularly in rural and remote areas
  • how the scheme supports aged care consumers when transitioning from home care into residential care setting
  • whether the scheme is meeting the needs of special needs groups with higher risk of social isolation due to language barriers or cultural backgrounds
  • ideas for improving the scheme in terms of how it is promoted, how it operates and additional support for volunteers delivering the scheme.

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