Shy cats looking for homes with seniors

Cat-loving seniors can find new companions and help rescue shy felines following the launch of a new pet adoption program.

The Shy Cats and Senior Citizens campaign by national animal welfare charity PetRescue is offering older Australians the opportunity to adopt a new furry friend for only $25, which includes desexing, vaccinations and microchipping.

PetRescue’s John Bishop said philanthropic and corporate donations subsidised the cost of the cats’ care while they were waiting for adoption in an animal shelter or in foster care.

Mr Bishop said many seniors were concerned about what might happen to their pet if they could no longer care for him or her.

“PetRescue will guarantee to work with rescue organisations to find adopted cats in the program a new safe, loving home if the need arises - giving senior owners peace of mind,” he said.

Seniors were often the perfect match for shy cats because many older people had the time, patience and love to devote to animals which needed a quieter environment to thrive, Mr Bishop said.

“The special love of a shy cat is such an incredible addition to a seniors’ life - there’s the proven mental health benefits of pet ownership, and the satisfaction that comes from adopting an animal that has an uncertain future, and is in desperate need of a second chance at a happy life.

“Adult rescue cats really do make wonderful companions, but finding homes for them can be challenging, especially for the shyer ones,” Mr Bishop said.

“They tend to wait a lot longer for a home than kittens, which means they take up space in shelters and foster carers’ homes and put extra stress on rescue groups with limited resources.”

To view the shy cats available for adoption for $25, go to the website.


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