Silver surfers embracing the Internet

A new report shows older people are going online on a daily basis, aided by new devices and fast broadband.

An overwhelming 72 per cent of those surveyed in the nbnTM, GranTechies Report said they could not imagine their life without the Internet and 93 per cent said they went online every day.

A total of 85 per cent used access to fast broadband for a range of tasks, including using email or Skype to link-in with family and friends, online shopping (59 per cent), and downloading or streaming video content (24 per cent).

Nearly two thirds believed they were just as tech-savvy as their children and grandchildren and 72 per cent believed the Internet made them feel more educated and purposeful.

They also believed it was very important to upskill and to keep up-to-date on tech trends, with more than half eager to learn more through online and face-to-face tutorials.

When it came to grandchildren, males were better than females at keeping in touch with their grandparents via social media.

Almost half the grandsons surveyed said they connected with their grandparents, compared with less than one third of granddaughters.

“Gone are the days where grandparents were thought of as tech dinosaurs – this research shows senior Australians are well and truly riding the tech wave,” said Nan Bosler, president of the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association.

“We are seeing an increasing number of Aussie grandparents regularly enjoying ‘how-to’ DIY videos to brush up on their cooking and building skills, downloading and streaming movies and even starting their own interactive blogs”.

The nbnTM network rollout is scheduled to be completed by 2020.

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