Victorian service finds perfect match for volunteers

A new state-of-the-art computer matching service linking volunteers with organisations needing their skills or time was launched in Victoria this week by the Minister for Community Development Lily D’Ambrosio.

The new matching service will make it easier for people across Victoria to learn new skills, share existing skills, make new friends, as well as filling local volunteering vacancies.

By visiting people can very quickly and easily find an opportunity to match their interests, available time and location.

The new matching service makes it easier for community organisations to attract volunteers and the website provides a one-stop-shop of resources and inspiration to support volunteers and organisations.

The portal will also develop into an interactive tool for organisations to swap great ideas, resources, experiences, and knowledge.

Communities with higher rates of volunteering are stronger, more resilient, healthier and happier and that people who volunteer report a greater sense of wellbeing and a greater connection to their community.

The new matching service will be complemented by the continuation of the I Can Do That awareness campaign, which lets potential volunteers and community organisations know how easy the new service is to use.

The Brumby Labor Government’s $9.3 million Victorian Volunteering Strategy recognises the importance of volunteering and aims to make it easier for people to volunteer, while supporting volunteer-based organisations,” she said.

It’s also one of the six focus areas for the Respect Agenda which promotes respectful behaviour and encourages people to get involved in their local community.

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