Village move considered for a better social connection

New research shows older people are more likely to consider moving to a retirement village if they feel socially disconnected within their own neighbourhood.

And it seems the baby boomer generation, those aged between 55-64 years, are the group most likely to consider making that move.

The findings were contained in the National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre report Relocation to a Retirement Village: Who Considers Relocation and What are People Looking for?

National Seniors chief executive Michael O’Neill said while many people wanted to age in place, it was not possible for everyone and some feel unsafe or isolated.

“This research suggests that people considering moving into a retirement village may want to do so for that sense of community and social cohesion which is thought to exist in retirement villages,” he said.

But O’Neill said it was also important for people considering a move into a retirement village to read the fine print and know what they’re signing up to.

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