Where seniors live

A report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows that more than one third (37%) of people aged 65 and over are in either paid or voluntary work or are carers.

Based on 2011 Census data, the article focusses on the 14% of Australians (3.1 million people) aged 65 years and over in 2011, their location and the activities they took part in, including paid work and caring for children.

The ABS report on where and how older Australians live also showed that many provided unpaid care for children or care for a person with a disability, long term illness or a problem related to old age.

Over half (55%) of those aged 65-69 years engaged in at least one of these activities, as did 42% of those aged 70 -74 years, falling to 7% of those aged 90 and over.

Census data showed 333,000 people over 65 were in the labour force in 2011 and nearly one quarter of both 65 - 69 year olds and of 70 - 74 year olds spent time doing voluntary work.

Further details are available from www.abs.gov.au/census

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