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25 Jan 2018

World travel authority Lonely Planet has called on the industry to do more to cater for solo travellers.

This follows new research revealing that the growing number of solo travellers face higher costs than those travelling with family or friends, including an average of nearly 20 per cent on travel insurance and over 50 per cent on accommodation.

Lonely Planet surveyed members of their dedicated global community of travellers, with more than one in three Australian respondents claiming to have felt disadvantaged when choosing to travel alone.

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25 Jan 2018

Nearly half Australia’s over 65s living in their own homes are frail or at risk of becoming so, putting them at risk of disability and accidents such as falls, according to a new study.

Aged care provider Benetas said its government-funded study of 3,000 older Australians who still live in the community assessed them using an online FRAIL test with a short list of questions on fatigue, resistance, ambulation (walking), illnesses and loss of weight.

The research found six per cent were frail, 38 per cent were pre-frail and 56 per cent were robust.

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25 Jan 2018

Researchers are seeking more participants for a study showing the growing impact of health issues on adult children and the ageing parents they care for.

Melbourne’s Deakin University Families in Later Life Study tracks sons and daughters caring for ageing parents in the community over a year, focussing on the quality of the relationship between the parent and child, which can have a big impact on health outcomes for both.

Research leader Associate Professor Gery Karantzas said with Australia’s ageing population, aged care had become a major issue for the country.... Read More

25 Jan 2018

The ACCC’s Scamwatch is urging all Australians who lost money to a scammer through Western Union from 2004 to 2017 to lodge a claim by 12 February.

Western Union has agreed to pay a penalty of US$586 million to the United States’ Department of Justice (DOJ) after admitting to aiding and abetting wire fraud. The DOJ is using this penalty to provide refunds to eligible people worldwide who were tricked into paying scammers via Western Union.

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25 Jan 2018

Flinders University this week released cost estimates to care for a person living with dementia in residential aged care at $88,000 annually.

With the release of the figures, Dementia Australia renewed its call for urgent, ongoing and systemic aged care reform.

Dementia Australia said the annual cost of $88,000 could be reduced by improving workforce training and applying dementia-friendly principles in the community, the aged care sector and hospitals.

CEO of Dementia Australia Maree McCabe said with 425,000 people living with dementia in Australia, the Flinders... Read More

25 Jan 2018

Almost half of all Australians with health insurance will review their cover before 1 April this year when premiums are set to rise again.

A survey by comparison website showed that 48 per cent of health fund members, the equivalent of 6.5 million members, were expected to review and make changes to their cover if their premium increases by four per cent.

The average expected premium increase is 3.95 per cent.

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18 Jan 2018

A new report from National Seniors Australia has shown that when it comes to getting good advice in the ‘information age’, older people favour humans over going online.

The report, released this week, shows that while digital technology has revolutionised information delivery, older people making important decisions about retirement first turn to trusted health and financial professionals or family and friends.

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18 Jan 2018

Sisters Anne and Sharon* are at almost opposite ends of the continent, but both care deeply about their 84-year-old mother Betty, who still lives independently in her own home.

They recently used National Seniors’ new Aged Care service to solve a problem that could have caused them and their mum a lot of stress, and upset holiday plans.

Betty was needing more help than Sharon, who lives nearby, could provide weekly and she was also planning a six-week overseas trip.

Sharon and Anne discussed by phone what would be needed in the way of fulltime respite care for Betty... Read More

18 Jan 2018

If you’ve decided it’s time to add a furry friend to your family, make a diary date for Sunday 4  February.

That’s the day pet rescue organisations will visit PETstock stores across Australia between 10am and 2pm with animals looking for forever homes, in a bid to end pet homelessness.

The initiative, led by not-for-profit animal rescue organisation PetRescue... Read More

18 Jan 2018

The Stroke Foundation is on the hunt for people making life better for stroke survivors, with nominations for the 2018 Stroke Awards now open. 

The awards are an opportunity to celebrate survivors and commend carers, volunteers, health professionals and researchers who work tirelessly to improve the lives of those affected by stroke.

Stroke Foundation Chief Executive Officer Sharon McGowan said the awards recognised the outstanding Australians dedicated to treating, supporting and advocating for stroke survivors and the broader stroke community.

“One in six people will... Read More

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