Evaluation of methodology design

Evaluating the methodology design is about determining whether the most appropriate methods have been used to obtain the relevant information and data.

This step may be used when conducting initial workforce audits in order to target staff needs. It is also recommended that this step be used when establishing pre-implementation benchmark data, as well as post-implementation comparison data.

In order to determine if the most appropriate methodology was used, it is worthwhile to consider:

  • Using an evidence-based mixed methods approach of both qualitative and quantitative methods provides a comprehensive overall picture. For example, this can be achieved through conducting interviews as well as surveys
  • The appropriateness of randomised control trials and/or pilot strategies before full implementation of policy or programs
  • Producing data on actual costs compared with the projected costs of producing the required outcomes
  • Ability to guarantee data protection, anonymity and confidentiality of the information obtained

It may be appropriate to utilise in-house statistics experts to gather the desired information.

However, if you lack the expertise or infrastructure (i.e. software or data management systems) it may be beneficial to outsource this step.

For more information refer to the section on how to conduct workforce audits, including HR metrics and workforce analysis.

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