Sustaining good practice

As age management policies and programs need to be based on the best available evidence and outcomes, they should be reviewed regularly and modified where necessary to take into account new research, new technologies, and the results of any evaluation of program outcomes.

The revision of age management policy and programs is important to ensure the goals and outcomes are on track and it is recommended that evaluation should take place at least once every three to five years, and more often where the area/topic/circumstances are prone to rapid change.

Recommended steps for revision may include:

  • Evaluation of program goals and objectives must an ongoing process
  • Ensure that a comprehensive and systematic evaluation process is documented on a regular basis
  • Check whether the program has been implemented as intended
  • Identify areas for improvement 
  • Provide regular feedback in order to improve the program on an ongoing basis
  • Assess whether the program is engaging the intended rate of participants 
  • Use a number of mixed methods to assess the perceived value of the program
  • Assess the overall worker and management satisfaction with the program
  • Measure and compare the health outcomes (behaviours and status) of the program against benchmark data
  • Evaluate improvements in the organisation as a result of the policy and programs (e.g. improved productivity due to reduced absenteeism and lower worker’s compensation costs)
  • Determine the overall cost benefit of the program
  • Establish whether an ongoing commitment to the program is justified
  • Identify any new evidence that should be incorporated
  • Assess what has been learned from the evaluation of the dissemination and implementation strategies and act on suggested improvements 
  • Draw on current practice and experience from national and international sources including literature and reports, as well as personal experiences and industry knowledge 
  • Incorporate an anticipated date of development and an anticipated revision date

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