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Please see below a list of resources for:

Networks and organisations

National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre,

Diversity Council Australia,

Australian Human Rights Commission,

Department of Employment,

Diversity Central

European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (EuroFound),

Sloan Centre on Ageing and Work (Boston College),


Employer’s Forum on Age (UK),

Triparte Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) (Singapore),

Finnish Institute for Occupational Health (FIOH),

Hubbard & Hubbard Inc.

The Age Employment Network (TAEN) (UK),

Mature age employment consultants

National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre,


One shift,



Symmetra Diversity Consulting,

Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (ENEI) (UK),

Success Factors (Brisbane),

HR Metrics and workforce analytics resources

Brennan, Marc, Diversity metrics, measurement, and evaluation, Workforce Diversity Network, 2013 is available from

Carlson, Kevin, D., and Kavanagh, Michael, J., HR metrics and workforce analytics, In Human Resources Information Systems: Basics, Applications and Future Directions, 2nd Edition, Eds. Michael J. Kavanagh, Mohan Thite, Richard D. Johnson, Sage Publications, 2012.

CIPD, Using HR metrics for maximum impact, 2011, available from
This resources assists to identify measures of HR performance in the context of your organisation and enhance decision-making and direction-setting through effective use of measures, assessment and evaluation.

For a list of 20 common HR metrics and their formulas, go to

For tips to design and implement a HR metrics dashboard, visit

HR metrics service, HR metrics standards and glossary, Version 7.2, 2013, available from

Optimum performance, consulting services, HR metrics, available at

Ozbilgin, Mustafa, and Tatli, Ahu, Developing a diagnostic equality check, Manchester, Equal Opportunities Commission, 2006, available from
See Appendix 5 onwards for a summary of the currently available tools for audit, diagnostic and benchmarking, guidance and information, equality, diversity and culture checks.

The Diversity/Inclusion Assessment Tool, ProMosaic™ II is available from

White paper: Measurement and ROI, Diversity Best Practices, is available from (please note: this URL does not go directly to the document indicated)

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Recruitment resources

Mature age friendly recruitment agencies

One shift (National) - An online job board/career centre that matches job candidates with suitable work.

Older Workers – (National) A online job board for mature age job seekers.

Be Next – (National) An online mature age job and career centre.

DOME SA - (South Australia) An acronym for Don't Overlook Mature Expertise. A Non-Government Agency that offers career guidance and advice to candidates. It also drives mature-age candidate advocacy, both paid and voluntary job placements and offers services to employers such as skills assessment, training and consulting services.

WISE Employment - A not-for-profit resource for employers and job seekers.

Job services Australia – Australian Government job search site.


For an advertising checklist and examples go to Australian Government, Investing in Experience Tool Kit: Make age an advantage, 2012, available from

New South Wales Committee on Ageing, Counting on experience: A review of good practice in the employment of mature workers, 2000, available from

Best practice guidelines for recruitment 

Australian Human Rights Commission, Good practice, good business- Eliminating discrimination and harassment from your workplace: Best practice guidelines for recruitment and selection, available from

Recruitment procedure checklist

Singapore National Employers Federation, Age management toolkit, 2013, available at

Literature review on current recruitment practices in Australia

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Retention resources

Inder, Leanne, and Bryson, Jane, Victoria University of Wellington, The ageing workforce: retaining, utilising and challenging workers. A literature review, March 2007, available at

Valuing experience: A practical guide to recruiting and retaining older workers, available from

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Flexible work options resources


Queensland Government, Department of Justice and Attorney-General, Making flexibility work: A practical guide on implementing flexible work arrangements for managers, available from
This resource has step-by-step processes for managing flexible work arrangements around decision making, implementation and documentation such as the formal proposal, assessing the workability of the proposal, how to negotiate requests, and completion of an evaluation form, support from other team members, formalising the agreement, implementing the proposal, and final review. It also contains templates for proposal evaluation, job share agreements, and review of arrangement form.

University of Melbourne, Best HR Practice Guide – Work and Family: The links and the balance, 2002, available from

Work Options:

Flexible work options within the Swedish health care sector:

Phased retirement and flexible retirement arrangements: Strategies for retaining skilled workers:

Older workers and options for flexible work:

Flex strategies to attract, engage and retain older workers:

Older workers and the need for workplace flexibility:

Flexible working in the information age:

Employer obligations for flexible working arrangements including industrial relations law:

Flexibility / Work-life Balance 

Sloan Centre on Aging and work at Boston College, Innovative practices executive case report No. 5: Flex strategies to attract, engage and retain older workers, 2012, available from


Cowley, James, I need more balance in my life: Achieving the dream of the 21st Century, Richmond Venture, North Sydney, 2003.

O’Hanlon, Mary and Morella, Angela, Job sharing: Two heads are better than one, Allen and Unwin, Crows Nest, 2003.

A decade of L.E.A.D: Looking forward, looking back - contains the reflections and projections from a decade of Australasia’s leading workplace survey – the Leadership, Employment and Direction (L.E.A.D.) Survey, copies available from

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Career advancement opportunities resources

Australian Government, Australian Government Public Service Commission, ‘Mature-aged employment in the APS’, available from

Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency, ‘Submission in response to the National Career Development Strategy Green Paper’, August 2012, available from

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia, ‘Employ outside the box: Mature age people’, available from

Queensland government, ‘Adapting your business to the ageing workforce’, available from

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Training and lifelong learning resources

Good age management practices

New South Wales Committee on Ageing, Counting on experience: A review of good practice in the employment of mature workers, 2000, available from

Adult learning training providers

Adult Learning Australia, available from

Centre for Adult Education (CAE), available from

Other services available related to training and development

Open college – a course guide to TAFE and other accredited courses, available from

My Future - Department of education, for career advice, available from or by contact Skilling Australia on 13 38 73.

Ready, tech, go - help older adults gain confidence and skills to embrace modern technology by providing personalised technology lessons, in the comfort of one’s own home or office, available at

Financial assistance to undertake training

Futurum - access to Government funded courses and eligibility, available from or

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, available from

Payments for students and trainees – The Department of Human Services, available from

Fees, funding and financial support for employers – Victorian Skills Gateway, available from

Fees, funding and financial support for adult learners– Victorian Skills Gateway, available from

For financial advice on working past Age Pension age – the Department of Human Services, available from

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Job re-design/rotation/re-deployment resources

This journal article outlines the job redesign of registered nurses and the process implemented by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF), available from

World Health Organisation, Stress at the workplace – a discussion of stress related hazards at work, available from

Sharit, Joseph, and Czaja, Sara, J., Job design and redesign for older workers, The Oxford Handbook of Work and Aging, March 2012

CIPD, How best to engage and motivate older workers, 2008, available from

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Health & wellbeing programs resources

10,000 steps Australia, A guide to promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace. This resource provides resources such as a list of health and wellbeing providers (e.g. nutrition services), case studies of best practice in Australia, health and wellbeing award programs, a list of useful links, examples of health and wellbeing policy and initiatives, and examples of surveys and evaluation frameworks. It is available from

ACT government, Guide to promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace. This provides a list of resources, workplace audit tools, templates, policy examples, an online health and wellbeing survey, action plan examples, evaluation overviews, case studies, FAQs, health promotion campaigns, and a list of service providers. It is available from

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), ‘Investing in mental health strategies gives good returns’, May 20 2014, available from

Australian government, Comcare, Effective health and wellbeing programs. This resource provides comprehensive information including Australian case studies, tools and resources including fact sheets, evaluation tools, a list of existing guides on implementation, and possible difficulties associated with implementing health and wellbeing programs. It is available from

European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound), Working longer, living better: Europe’s coming of age. This resource pack includes fact sheets and case studies of good practice and is available from

Heart Foundation, Workforce Health Solutions. This includes their ‘Sit-less’ at work promotion and is available from

Nutrition Australia, Workplace health and wellbeing program. This resource includes canteen menu assessment, cooking demonstrations, health displays and presentations. It is available from

PricewaterhouseCoopers, ‘Creating a mentally healthy workplace: Return on investment analysis’, is available from

Proactive Ageing - provides adult education and training activities that help develop health skills to prolong vitality with a focus on activities to strengthen mental fitness in the second half of life, available at

Queensland government, Work Health: health and wellbeing in the workplace. This resource includes programs, services, resources, case studies, assistance and funding opportunities. It is available from

Tasmanian government, Implementing a workplace health and wellbeing program, is available from

Worksafe Victoria, Health workplace kit: A guide to implementing health and wellbeing programs at workplace. This provides resources and tools such as a workplace audit tool, mission statement and policy examples, action plan templates, evaluation survey example, case studies of best practice, and suggestions for troubleshooting problems. It is available from


European Union Social Fund Age, Work ability index (WAI), available from

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Multidimensional work ability model, available from

METEOR, Workability approach can assist Australian aged care employers retain experienced staff & attract new 45+ workers, available from

NGS Super, Finnish history of work ability and age management, available from

The Age and Employment Network (TAEN), 2008, The Finnish concept of maintaining work ability, available from

Workability Europe, available from

Workability International, available at

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Abolishing age discrimination & compliance with the law resources

 Adonis, James, Sydney Morning Herald, A booming problem: ageism is the workplace, 2011 – newspaper article, available from

Australian Human Rights Commission, Employer’s guide to age discrimination. This resource explains what the responsibilities of the employer are and how discrimination complaints are resolved, available from

Australian Human Rights Commission, Know your rights: Age discrimination. This is a guide for people who feel they have been subjected to age discrimination. It is available from

Fair Work Ombudsman, Australian Government, Unlawful workplace discrimination fact sheet, is available from

National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre, ‘Age discrimination in the labour market: Experiences and perceptions of mature age Australians’, is available from

Victorian Human Rights Commission has a toolkit to assess your equal opportunity compliance, which is available from

Visit Victorian Human Rights Commission for workplace rights and responsibilities, including compliance to workplace laws. Available from

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Culture change & promoting age positive attitudes resources

For information on countering the negative stereotypes about ageing, and for guides on being age positive for workplaces, individuals, communities and the media, go to the Human Rights Commission’s Age Positive website at

For a list of good workplace culture practices, including challenges, opportunities and lessons learned, go to the Victorian Public Sector Commission’s website at

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Knowledge transfer (& mentoring) resources

Visit the comprehensive Exchange program, run by Sageco, available from

Howard partners, Knowledge exchange networks in Australia’s innovation system: Overview and strategic analysis, available from

Office for democratic institutions and human rights, Supporting the transition process: Lessons learned and best practices in knowledge transfer, 2009, available from

Keith De La Rue, Building and maintaining a knowledge transfer toolkit: Transferring detailed, technical knowledge from one part of an organization to a non-technical audience, In The Information Management Foundation, Best practices, available from

The Institute of Knowledge Transfer (USA)


Ken Ball and Gina Gotsill, Surviving the Baby Boomer Exodus: Capturing Knowledge for Gen X & Y Employees, Cengage Learning, 2011.

Caltrans, Knowledge transfer guidebook: Inform and engage, available from

Knowledge management and transfer model: Techniques and forms, Division of Personnel Department of Administrative Service, State of New Hampshire, (includes a risk assessment worksheet template) available from

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Retirement resources

Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), MoneySmart, Retirement Planner, available from

Australian Government Department of Human Services, Age Pension and planning for your retirement, available from

Living to 100, Life expectancy calculator, available from

My Longevity, life expectancy calculator,

Bridges, Calculators, available from

Bridges, Retirement gap calculator, available from

Perpetual Superannuation Limited, Transition to retirement pensions, available from

Coping with life transitions after retirement, available from

Fletcher, Douglas, S., Life after work: Redefining retirement, 2007, available from

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Evaluation resources

Evaluating Dissemination

National Dissemination Centre for Children with Disabilities, An approach to evaluating dissemination, available from

Southwest Educational Development Laboratory, Dissemination Evaluation Strategies and Options, Research Exchange, Vol. 2, No. 2, 1997, available from

Glasgow, Russell, E., eHealth evaluation and dissemination research, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Vol. 32, No. 5, 2007, pp. S119–S126.

Evaluating Implementation

Australian Government, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Cabinet Implementation Unit Toolkit: Monitoring, Review and Evaluation, available from

The Criminal Justice Evaluation Framework, available from

Northern Territory, Health Territory Workers Initiative, available at

Evaluating economic viability

World Health Organization, Workbook 8: Economic Evaluations, 2000, available from

Institute for Pharmaeconomic Research, Guidelines on Health Economic Evaluation: Consensus paper, 2006, available from

Briggs, Andrew, Sculpher, Mark, and Claxton, Karl, Decision Modelling for Health Economic Evaluation: Handbooks in Health Economic Evaluation, Vol. 1, Oxford University Press, 2006.

Gray, Alastair,  Clarke, Philip,  Wolstenholme, Jane and  Wordsworth, Sarah, Applied Methods of Cost-effectiveness Analysis in Healthcare: Handbooks in Health Economic Evaluation, Vol. 3, Oxford University Press, 2010.

McIntosh, Emma, Clarke,Philip, Frew, Emma and  Louviere, Jordan, Applied Methods of Cost-Benefit Analysis in Health Care: Handbooks in Health Economic Evaluation, Vol. 4, Oxford University Press, 2010.

New South Wales Department of Community Services,  Performance Analysis and Development Branch Policy and Planning Division,  Economic Evaluation Guidelines, 2009, available from

Commonwealth Government of Australia, Department of Finance and Administration, Handbook of Cost-Benefit Analysis, 2006, available from

Australian Government, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Cost-Benefit Analysis, available from

Australian Government, Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Cost Benefit Analysis Methodology Procedures Manual, available from

Haycox, Alan, What is cost-minimisation analysis?, Health Economics, 2009, available from

What is an economic appraisal?, available from

World Health Organisation, Making choices in health: WHO guide to cost-effectiveness analysis, 2003, available from 

Europeaid, Cost-effective analysis, available from

ACCA, Process costing, 2011, available from

Evaluating methodology design

Avon Primary Care Research Collaborative (APCRC), Evaluation methodology, available from

APCRC, Checklist for planning your Service Evaluation, available from

Europe Aid Cooperation Office (EuropeAid), Evaluation: Methodological design, available from

Research methods knowledge base, Introduction to evaluation, available at

Reporting the evaluation

Evaluation toolbox, Presenting your evaluation findings, available from

Queensland government, Interpreting, sharing, reporting and responding to results, available from

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, Evaluation Reporting: A Guide to Help Ensure Use of Evaluation Findings, US Department of Health and Human Services, 2013, available from

Better evaluation, Using Graphics to Report Evaluation Results, available from

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Other helpful resources

Diversity and inclusion survey in the appendix of:

U.S Department of Commerce and Vice President Al Gore’s National Partnership for Reinventing Government Benchmarking Study, Best practices in achieving workforce diversity, 1999, available from

Mature age employment self-assessment tool, action plan template, job analysis checklist, and advertising checklist, from:

Australian Government, Investing in Experience Tool Kit: Mage age an advantage, 2012, available from

Queensland Government, Public Service Commission, Attraction and Retention Series: A focus on people and business, A guide for the Queensland Public Service: Managing an Ageing Workforce, 2008, available at 

Aged and Community Services SA and NT Inc., Mature Workers Matter Assessment, available at

Age positive UK, Removing ageism – make it your business, available at

International and national case studies on best practice of age management

Inder, Leanne, and Bryson, Jane, Victoria University of Wellington, The ageing workforce: retaining, utilising and challenging workers. A literature review, March 2007, available from
This contains a comprehensive table of best practice case studies in the appendix.

Singapore Human Resources Institute, commissioned by Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices, Leading practices for managing mature employees, available from

Research papers, books and articles


Hubbard, Edward, E., Measuring Diversity Results, Petaluma, CA: Global Insights Publishing, 2001.

Hubbard, Edward, E., Diversity Training ROI: How to Measure the ROI Impact of Diversity Training Initiatives, Global Insights Publishing, 2010

Hubbard, Edward, E., The Diversity Scorecard (Improving human performance),

Hubbard, Edward, E., How to Calculate Diversity Return on Investment (DROI®), 2004

Hubbard, Edward, E., and Hubbard, Myra, K., Measuring the ROI Impact of ERGs and BRGs: Ensuring Employee Resource Group Initiatives Drive Business and Organizational Results, 2013 

Hubbard, Edward, E., The Manager's Pocket Guide to Diversity Management (Manager's Pocket Guide Series), HRD Press, Inc., 2003

Hubbard, Edward, E., The Diversity Discipline: Implementing Diversity Work with a Strategy, Structure and ROI Measurement Focus, 2008

Hubbard, Edward, E., Implementing Diversity Measurement and Management: A diversity in practice case book series, Vol. 1, Global Insights Publishing, 2004.

Deloitte, Only skin deep? Re-examining the business case for diversity, September 2011,

U.S Department of Commerce and Vice President Al Gore’s National Partnership for Reinventing Government Benchmarking Study, Best practices in achieving workforce diversity, 1999,
This has a diversity survey in the appendix for employees.

McCrindle research, Bridging the gap: An employer’s guide to managing and retaining the new generation of employees, available from

Perry, Lance, S., Zurich Services Corporation, Designing the Workplace for the Aging Workforce: How to Use Ergonomics to Improve the Workplace Design, available from

National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre, Experience Works: The mature age employment challenge, 2009 available from

National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre, prepared on behalf of the Consultative Forum on the Mature Age Participation, Barriers to mature age labour force engagement in Australia: Report on the 2011-12 national survey on the barriers to employment for mature age people, 2012, available from

National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre, Age discrimination in the labour market: experiences and perceptions of mature age Australians, 2013, available from

Australian Human Rights Commission, Age discrimination: Exposing the hidden barrier for mature age workers, 2010, available from

Advisory panel on the economic potential of senior Australians, Turning grey into gold: Recognising the economic potential of senior Australians, 2011, available at

Australian Government, Treasury, Intergenerational report: Australia to 2050 future challenges, 2010, available at

Workforce planning

For further assistance:


Productive and safe workplaces for an ageing workforce

Retirement and work planning for mature workers 

Envisage - Create your future. Available in seminar or online format for mature employees.

Mature worker funding projects and opportunities:

Australian Government, Department of Employment, Corporate Champions, available at, The Corporate Champions program supports employers who commit to moving towards best practice in the recruitment and retention of mature-age staff (aged 45 years and over). Eligible employers receive tailored support and assistance valued up to $20,000 provided by an industry expert.

Australian Government, Restart Assistance for mature age job seekers, available from

Mature age job seekers aged 50 or over who have been receiving income support (including the Age Pension) for a minimum of six months will be eligible. A subsidy of up to $10,000 will be paid to employers who hire an eligible mature age job seeker on a full-time basis (30 hours or more per week). Conditions apply.

Australian Government, Experience Pays, Website outlining the benefits of employing mature age workers, available from

Mature Workers Matter Resources

Australian Government, Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Workplace diversity strategy 2011-13, available from

Mature age employment and diversity in the workplace awards

Australian Human Resource Institute (AHRI) diversity awards – includes an Inclusive Workplace of the Year award

Diversity@Work Employment and Inclusion Awards Program – includes a Mature Age Workers Award

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