2006 Grant Recipients

Below are details of research projects funded by 2006 National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre Grants:

Improving employment opportunities among mature age men: a pilot health intervention
Ms L. Fraser, Ms F. Pelly and Dr C. Askew (University of the Sunshine Coast).

Evaluating the participation of older Australians in the arts supply chain
Associate Professor J. Radbourne and Professor A. Hede (University of the Sunshine Coast).

Older road users and Australia’s road safety policy directions: an exploratory study of stakeholders perceptions and understanding
Dr J. Previte, Ms I. Larkin (Queensland University of Technology) and Dr E. Luck (University of Queensland).

Do mature age consumers prefer dealing with mature age service providers: An investigation of the medical and financial service industries
Dr R. Bennett (Queensland University of Technology).

Consumers choice of technology for communication with health professionals: an insight into the needs and outcomes of the ageing population when being coached
Dr C. Brand, Associate Professor P. Coleman, Dr C. Bain, Ms J. Collins (Royal Melbourne Hospital) and Dr G. Raikundalia (Victoria University)

Mature age workers: the role of social capital in effective management strategy
Mr M. Keogh (Queensland University of Technology).

Fostering enterprising human capital growth in regions with high concentration of seniors
Professor S. Garlick, Associate Professor J. Soar, Professor K. Stott and Associate Professor P. Waterman (University of the Sunshine Coast).

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