2011 Grants Recipients

Below are details of research projects funded by 2011 National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre Grants:

Patterns of Intergenerational Transfers of Time and Money in Australia
Principal Investigator: Prof. Graeme Hugo (University of Adelaide)

  1. This project aims to gauge the scale and value of time and money transfers from the older to younger generation(s). Based on a new survey, this study will examine: What motivates the older generation to make these transfers?
  2. How much time is given to younger generations and can we put an economic value on it?
  3. Are there different patterns of transfers between different socio-economic and demographic groups?
  4. Are time and money substituted for each other and what influences the substitution (for example other commitments such as caring, working)?

The Role of Financial Anxiety in Older Australians’ Retirement Saving Decisions
Principal Investigator: Prof. Paul Gerrans (University of Western Australia)
This project will examine the role of financial literacy and anxiety in

  1. the effectiveness of financial decision making, and
  2. use of professional financial advice among older Australians. Retirement savings provides an area of focus as will those choosing self-managed superannuation funds.

This research will inform older Australians, advisers and policy makers by benchmarking levels of financial literacy, financial planning anxiety, and by offering insight into interventions that support the financial well-being of older Australians.

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