2012 Grant Recipients

Below are details of research projects funded by 2012 National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre Grants:

Going Without: Meeting 'Hidden' Household Costs of Aged Care in the Home
Principal Investigator: Prof. Laurie Brown (NATSEM, University of Canberra)
This project aims to increase our understanding of the expenditure patterns of older households and how families are meeting the costs of aged care needs in the home. A comprehensive and widely used Australian data source – the ABS Household Expenditure Survey - will be used for the analysis.

Working Beyond the Traditional Retirement Age: Quantifying the Benefits for Retirement Savings
Principal Investigator: Prof. Deborah Schofield (University of Sydney)
This project aims to quantify the benefits of working beyond the traditional retirement age, thereby providing supporting evidence as to the benefits of delayed retirement. Furthermore, the project will identify the characteristics of individuals who are, and are not, participating in the workforce beyond the age of 65 and which characteristics are predictive of longer labour force participation.

Long Term Care Insurance: A Survey of Insurer Attitudes
Principal Investigator: Bridget Brown (The Australian National University)
This project aims to survey providers regarding their attitudes to Long Term Care Insurance in order to explore:

  1. Why LTCI has not developed in Australia to date,
  2. Whether the introduction of the Living Longer, Living Better package, which introduces an increased user pays component to care costs for the consumer, will change the likelihood that product will develop,
  3. Whether increasing focus on the ageing population and the potential for financial services products adapted to this cohort of the population will change the likelihood that product will develop, and
  4. The appropriateness and adaptability of successful products from overseas for the Australian marketplace.

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