2014 Grant Recipients

Below are details of research projects funded by 2014 National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre Grants:

Senior Entrepreneurship: Active Ageing and Extending Working Lives
Principal Investigator: Dr Alex Maritz (Swinburne University of Technology)
The aim of this study is to discover if and how senior entrepreneurship provides attractive career opportunities for seniors and policy options for government. The study will:

  • Provide evidence on the perceived motivations and benefits and barriers
  • Detail policy implications and recommendations to enhance active ageing, and extending working lives through senior entrepreneurship
  • Inform initiatives to enhance senior entrepreneurship activity in Australia

Grandparent Childcare and Mature Age Labour Market Participation in Australia
Principal Investigator: Dr Myra Hamilton (University of NSW)
This project will explore the relationship between intergenerational childcare provision and grandparents’ decision to withdraw from, scale back, or otherwise alter their labour market participation. The project will make recommendations for employment and retirement incomes policies and employer practice to mitigate the impact of grandparents’ childcare provision on their labour market participation, incomes, and retirement incomes.

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