Productive Ageing Centre


The National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre (NSPAC), co-funded by National Seniors Australia and the Department of Social Services, seeks to advance knowledge and understanding into all aspects of productive ageing to improve the quality of life of people aged 50 and over.

Based in Canberra, NSPAC plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between traditional academic researchers in ageing, the community and decision-makers.

Our research team develop and share quality consumer-oriented research that is gained from the real experiences of people aged 50 and over.

NSPAC has researched and published in-depth reports on a range of topics, including mature age employment, aged care, health and the ageing of Australians from migrant backgrounds.

If you would like to learn more about our research or to discuss possible collaborations with our team, please call 07 3233 9191 or email

Productive Ageing Forums

Learn more about NSPAC's informative and educational forums.

Age Management Toolkit

Practical information for employers on best practice age management initiatives.

Atlas of Productive Ageing

Examine and compare key statistical indicators on older Australians.

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