Seniors and immunisation in Australia

Australia’s rapidly growing seniors population (aged 50 years and over) make an important economic and social contribution.

Preventive health interventions are vitally important to ensure that Australians enjoy longer lives, free of illness and discomfort.

However, vaccination for older people has been described as an “overlooked and under-emphasised” aspect of preventive health.

Australian immunisation guidelines recommend older Australians are vaccinated against four diseases – pneumococcal, flu, tetanus and shingles – yet only pneumococcal and influenza vaccines are funded on the National Immunisation Program (NIP).

This report seeks to better understand the perspectives and needs of Australia’s seniors population regarding a range of issues with respect to preventive health, immunisation and shingles.

The report finds that there is significant support for Government funding for recommended vaccines for Australians of all ages.

It also reveals that seniors are significantly more likely to want to receive a vaccine for shingles if it were Government funded, rather than if they have to pay for it.

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