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As part of its commitment to Education and Information, the National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre hosts Productive Ageing Forums.

Each of these events highlights a particular topic in ageing and provides members, community groups, and government with up-to-date research. They also generate debate and ideas for research and policy.

Seminar Series

Our seminar series provides an essential forum for the latest research concerning productive ageing from around the globe. It will be of interest to business, government, researchers and those advocating on behalf of older people.  

Details on our September seminar: Age management for employers presented by Philip Taylor, Director Productive Ageing Centre can be found here.

Details on our July 2016 seminar: Active or Precarious Ageing? Re-thinking Employment Across the Life Course presented by Chris Phillipson, Professor of Gerontology at the University of Manchester can be found here.

2016 Conference

The Business of Ageing
Held on Wednesday 15 June at the RACV City Club in Melbourne, this conference brought together an expert line-up of thought leaders to engage in positive discussion and debate on how we adapt to an ageing population and create opportunities.

Full details of the 2016 Conference can be found here.

2015 Forum

Planning for a Successful Retirement
Held on Tuesday 23 June at the Melbourne Town Hall, this forum brought together leading experts to provide information about planning for a successful retirement.

Full details of 2015 Forum can be found here.

2014 Forum

Healthy Living for Productive Ageing
Held on 24 June 2014 at the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne, this forum brought together leading experts to discuss the latest research and healthy living tips for over 50s.

Full details of 2014 Forum can be found here.

2013 Forum

Education for Productive Ageing
Held on 25 June 2013 at the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne, this forum brought together leading experts to discuss the latest ideas and developments in education for productive ageing.

Full details of 2013 Forum can be found here.

2012 Forum

PAC Meets Parliament
Held in June 2012 at Parliament House in Canberra, this forum brought together researchers and those with an interest in public policy for older Australians.

Full details of the PAC Meets Parliament event can be found here.

2011 Forum

The Ageing Experience of Australians from Migrant Backgrounds
Held in June 2011 in Melbourne, this half day forum set out to:

  • Draw public, political and media attention to issues relating to the ageing experience for those older Australians born overseas.
  • Provide an opportunity for information sharing and discussion amongst policy makers, researchers, service providers and those personally affected.
  • Give voice to issues, concerns and opportunities evident in the research findings and from the knowledge and experience of panelists and participants.

The Forum was a significant gathering of people with an interest in the ageing experience of older Australians from migrant backgrounds. It was attended by more than one hundred and seventy participants representing diverse professional and personal interests. They included Aged Care and other service provision organisations, Advocacy Organisations, Community/Ethno Specific Groups, Continuing Education, Local Government, Residential Services, Health Agencies, Women’s Groups, and individuals, as well as National Seniors Members and Staff.

A full report on the 2011 Forum can be found here.

2010 Forum

Older and Online
Held in March 2010 in Launceston.

Click here to see more details from the forum.

2008 Forums

Learning for Living: The Health and Wellbeing Benefits of Lifelong Learning
Held in September 2008 on the Sunshine Coast.

  • Click here to see presentation by Professor Brian Findsen
  • Click here to see presentation by Dr Cappy Engelbrecht

Counting on Experience: Preparing for an Ageing Workforce
Held in April 2008 in Sydney.

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