Are we heading for an early election?

Some political commentators are forecasting a 2018 general election in either September or October following the Federal Budget and the tax relief measures it contained.

But Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said he is aiming for a federal ballot in the first half of 2019, probably in April or May.

In the wake of another flurry of citizenship-related resignations by federal politicians this week, some analysts are saying the prospect of five by-elections will be tests of voter sentiment and the competing tax plans of Labor and the Coalition.

So, do you think we are heading for an early poll?

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Lorikeet 22 May 2018

"Sorry, I made some errors with my dates regarding Jane Prentice."

Finally a mea culpa from a know-it-all

It is possible for a federal election to be called any time from 1 July 2018. That would be for the House of Representatives and a Half Senate election.

Suggestions that News Corp is not right wing is naive. Murdoch openly supports conservative governments around the world and News Corp main journalists identify as conservative. This is no secret, everyone in Australia (except NannaKay apparently) knows that News Corp papers are unashamedly pro Liberal.

And Lorikeet, The Courier Mail is no leftist publication. True to it's Murdoch ownership it also promotes the Liberals, although it probably has more non-Liberal articles than say The Australian. So I can understand why you think that way.

Our government is always at loggerheads with the ABC because they dare to report all the news not just stories favourable to Turnbull. Under the law they have to provide non partisan media. All enquiries into the ABC have thus far failed to reveal any bias. Some mistakes yes, but bias no! But this doesn't stop Liberals from ripping into Aunty for not toeing the government line as commercial media does.

Anonymous 22/5: The Murdoch press is "renowned for supporting conservative governments and are quite open about it." The Murdoch press in its editorials, and that is the only section where you can judge its views, supports whichever mob it thinks will benefit business and the country. Hence it strongly supported Whitlam, Hawke and Rudd! Who knows which party they will support in the coming election, but I doubt anyone who cares about business and the longer term good of the country would support Shorten!

I never see Sky News or listen to shock jocks. Free-to-air TV and radio, plus the digital press is my cup of tea! But I am not the only one who sees the relentless left wing bias of the ABC, including the stories it does not cover if it does not fit their agenda.

Yesterday I attended a talk at the library, where mostly middle aged and older women were learning to make their own cleaning products. Some were possibly trying to cut their household expenditure. I thought I was only speaking with the woman sitting next to me, but when I stated that most people would prefer Foreign Debt to be paid down rather than receive a tiny tax break, there was widespread agreement among those sitting close by.

Those who think that Liberals are still trying to hang onto power should know that the global umpire makes the decisions and that the ball is about to be passed back to the Left.

When voting, I never remove the smaller parties or independents from contention. When voters do this, we get the duopoly progressively and collectively sending the country backwards, because there is almost no one to stop them. This is a lesson that voters are very slow to learn, mostly due to media manipulation and blockage/condemnation of minor parties, which seems to be ramped up in the final week of election campaigns.

Today union propaganda arrived in the letterbox quite rightly condemning some actions of Peter Dutton (Dickson). I also received a request via email to fund a Labor candidate in the seat of Longman. This is not my electorate.

Bob B., the kiss-up to employers to take on older workers almost equates to the Newstart Allowance. This being the case, the employer is the recipient of income support which makes the older worker his/her slave labourer. As we discussed a long while ago, most employers will ditch the employee after robbing the goose (taxpayer) of the golden egg.

I think a lot of the people being employed ought also to be entitled to a Disability Support Pension. I cannot see most of these low paid workers being much better off in a job.

Lorikeet, that 'kiss-up to employers' enables mature workers to be employed rather than living on New Start. The number of mature aged workers being employed in Queensland is increasing removing them from the ugly constraints of that allowance.

Who to vote for is not easy. Remove the smallies as they do not have the ability to get there although they can help if in the Senate. I can't go for Bill and Malcolm doesn't inspire. We need a revolution to jump-start us again.

Continued delay in calling the by-elections only adds to the speculation of an early election.It may not eventuate but is certainly being actively discussed by Turnbull and his Ministers. Frankly I doubt he will pull the trigger. He still lags by the same margins in most polls except Newspoll which has a different preference allocation.
Turnbull also stated publicly two weeks ago that he would serve his full term.He knows that he would lose badly now and his hope is for improvement in polling will increase his chances of re-election. This is doubtful as oppositions don't win elections governments lose them. And Turnbull's policy vacuum means his only option is to rip into Shorten. He and his party have been announcing many policies and their economic plan leaving the government to make poor ad hoc policy responses.
I see the government going full term because an early election will only hasten their demise.

Only Liberal supporters think there is no conservative bias in the Murdoch media coverage. They are renowned for supporting conservative governments and are quite open about it. A few token stories from non-conservative sources does not change the pro Liberal thrust of most of the news coverage and op eds published in Australia.
Because the ABC is not a mouthpiece for the Liberal government does not reflect bias. Our federal government is at war with the ABC because they refuse to parrot government policy. And Nannakay echoes government criticism. It is a pity that her loyalty does not allow her to condemn the open bias in reporting of Sky News, the Murdoch press, radio shock jocks and other media. I read most media daily and think the ABC is the least biased reporter of Australian news and current affairs. A recent trust survey showed that more Australians trusted the ABC coverage than any other source.

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