Are we in for a year of insults?

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull this week delivered a tirade in parliament against Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, calling him a parasite, hypocrite and sycophant.

Mr Shorten has previously used the epithet ‘Mr Harbourside Mansion’, coined by Tony Abbott’s former chief of staff Peta Credlin.

Are the jibes a sign of more acrimonious mud-slinging to come or just a feisty start to the parliamentary New Year?

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The ABC today (Thursday) reported the wise words of Ken Henry, former Treasury Head about our political dysfunction. It is a cliché to say Henry is stating the obvious but sometimes the obvious has to be stated and I don’t think many would disagree with him.

Henry identified four key areas requiring urgent attention: budget repair, planning for a strongly growing but ageing population, settling a framework for climate change mitigation and energy security and making the most of the Asian century. He doesn’t point the finger of blame at either party but he notes that not one project anywhere in the country has been supported by Labor, the Coalition and the Greens.

Hope our leaders take notice. More info in the website below. BG.

Sorry to hear about your problems WEG. Best wishes for the future. Enjoy the tennis for many years to come. BG.

Best of luck Weg. We may not have seen eye to eye over the years, but it is always sad to hear of another loss of property or life. There is nothing one can do to prevent weather events. I hope that you and your family, your neighbours and friends band together and help each other though this. I can only say that I am thinking of you and all the victims, and wish you all the best in getting back to normal soon.

I hope not. I hope our "so called leaders" will address the issue of water sustainability by harvesting the huge amounts of rainwater that fall in far north Queensland and sending it down to the Murray/Darling in solar-panel covered conduits. This will guarantee our food production capability. This will provide employment for those stood down as a result of mining downturn and their large numbers of idle earth moving equipment items.

Lorikeet - DEWS means Department of Energy and Water Supply. DG = Director General (the PS boss). Most concessions and rebates are state based.

What is a reasonable rate of interest? Too subjective in this tight economy to be too judgemental. I too wish it were higher and have arranged my finances to bring the best I can do.

Maggie, you paint the demise of the Liberals very well. I too am a disillusioned Past Liberal voter who is now a swinging voter and enjoying the electioneering bit. I have for years now hit them with 'Why are the Queensland LNP discriminating against seniors.' They usually deny that but cannot substantially answer my follow-on about the Seniors Card at 60 in all other states and Territories but 65 in Queensland. This may soon go out to 65 in other states as it has been raised by them already.

WEG, sorry to hear the bad news. May it be only a little inconvenience.

Maggie, you are right about the banks, profit is their goal. I believe though that the remuneration package drives decisions of the board as prime driver admittedly by raising the return to shareholders. They are a business with shareholders and that is the widespread compulsion for such businesses. Greed still runs supreme.

As the UN has a mantra to raise the standard of living in developing countries and Australia, like many other countries, is a signatory Lorikeet's assertion is correct in that sense. Unfortunately she embellishes it more than a little.

I returned from country NSW (Senior Tennis Circuit) yesterday to find a swathe of homes and cars in our new home/suburb totally devastated by hail the size of tennis balls. No home escaped this devastation. Every car parked outside was smashed as well. It has only been 5 months since a water main burst outside our new home flooding all and sundry.

The NSW Fire and Country Services are still in the suburb providing initial support to secure all properties.

Ironically a similar incident/storm in 1991, our house was destroyed by hail and a neighbour’s huge gum tree. My family was in the house at the time and survived that terrifying experience.

Such recollections are merely a stark reminder of life’s fragility and hardship. It certainly has altered my priorities at this late stage in life. WEG is signing off.

So it is conspiracy facts now Lorikeet, isn't that a bit like the alternative truth of Trump?
The banks are not part of any conspiracy theory. Yes, they rip us off, but greed is what motivates them. They want increased shareholder return, which in turn exponentially increases Directors and executives remuneration packages. Profits not clients best interests drive them.
Most government decisions are made to appease their campaign donors and not the UN. You should be more concerned that federal policies were being implemented to benefit the top end of town and big business who pay little or no tax at present. Campaign on that issue, at least it is real and not imagined as are your theories on UN flattening our economy.
Remember opinions are theories until proven fact, and you have yet to establish any facts to support your accusations of some new world order led by the UN and banks.

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