Does the Coalition risk losing office?

The results of the so-called ‘Super Saturday” by-elections did not deliver the Coalition the victories some political pundits were tipping - at least in Longman. The South-east Queensland electorate is a marginal seat where most voters are retired.

The by-elections have also dampened speculation about a change in ALP leadership and of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull calling an early general election.

But does the Coalition risk losing office due to its plans for corporate tax cuts for the so-called “top end of town”? Or is the concerted campaign to raise alarm over Labor’s plan to abolish cash refunds for shareholders’ unused dividend imputation credits enough to keep the government in power?


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Voting informal is of about as much use to the country as voting for Labor/Greens or Coalition. I suggest bloggers get out into the real world to find out what life is like for low income earners and other disadvantaged groups. Just a trip to the meat department of the supermarket will reveal lots of people fruitlessly searching for a bargain.

Since I do not support either side of the parliament, it seems to me that WEG, NannaKay and Eureka are all comparatively rich people thumbing their noses at everyone else.

I have given my vote to the major parties numerous times over my lifetime. But now I choose to vote informal. This current government would be among the worst we have experienced. To heck with making decisions on the basis of what is best for the nation, they make decisions on what is best for themselves. And the opposition is not much better although at least they have a plan.
The calibre of politician we now have is the cause of Australia's malaise. One lot, the conservatives are not game to make decisions that will affect their voter base. And the other, Labor are only marginally better.
It's time to drain the swamp. Limit the terms of MPs, cut their over-generous allowances, make them conform to our super rules, and cut their salaries. There are too manh lawyers, bankers and union officials. Reducing MPs entitlements will attract people with ideals not people who want to become richer.

Can anyone follow this lame and inaccurate comment....”Trickle down economics does not work (sic really!!), and in any case, there is no money in the kitty to pay for them,”.

What a surprise! This did not stop Labor/Green abominable policies during the GFC where Debts and their ongoing legislated huge Deficits sourced our current disgraceful debt accumulation est. at $637 Billion.

Thank goodness for Eureka and NannaKay. Sound judgement and expert comment is hard to come by these days. Some fail to draw from the salutary lessons of the past dysfunctional Labor Governments. They and their Labor/Green Senate is the source of all our current issues of Debt, Deficits (est $637 Billion) and numerous unfunded and irrational policies.

Despite this the economy is doing well, a fact some people choose to blatantly ignore.

Australian are in real danger of Shorten/CFMMEU lead Government with policies of envy, class warfare and lies - with the worst socialist lean in history.

Our democratic way of life is now threatened as more people aim for the lazy reliance on the public purse rather than using their own initiative to succeed.

Both Labor and the Coalition have made changes, or plan to make changes, to superannuation rules and taxation. Surprisingly, the Coalition's 2016 Budget changes impacted richer superannuants with the $1.6M pension limit. Because it wasn't grandfathered, it did cause distress to some elderly SF retirees.

On the other hand, Labor's policy of stopping cash refunds for franked credits will impact poorer retirees, particularly low income self-funded retirees. Shorten belatedly realised this and exempted pensioners, but the impact of this policy will now fall entirely upon low income SF retirees! The better-off will be completely unaffected as they will have other taxation debits to absorb these credits.

So, in the case of superannuation income and taxation, the Coalition targeted the rich, while Labor will be hitting the poor! Quite different from what Shorten would have you believe!

Maggie H: I recall reading earlier this year that the bottom fifth of households ranked by income have had an 11 per cent rise in their living standards since 2007, more than twice as fast as those in the top income group, according to analysis undertaken at the Australian National University Centre for Social Research and Methods. I gather it was undertaken by researcher Ben Phillips.

I also saw another academic the other day on the ABC's Breakfast show saying the same thing. I can't recall the person's name though - but it was a woman. In 2017, the ABS stated that "inequality has remained stable since 2013-4" - based on the 2016 Census.

But most left wing media outlets, plus Labor, choose to ignore these findings and loudly proclaim the opposite.

Eurika did you note without adequate explanation that is digestable by ordinary folk!

You can defend Turnbull until the cows come home, but it doesn't change the facts. His party is on the nose.
Turnbull is prevented by the Abbott faction from making good policy, or he makes the wrong choices on policy altogether. While they have dithered, Labor have developed policy. In fact they have led the policy debate for years and it shows in the polls.
While the government and Murdoch press have used the strategy to destroy Bill Shorten, Labor have campaigned on policy. That is why Labor consistently lead the polls.
It showed in the by-elections. Actually "Big Trev" in Longman lost over 10% of his primary vote, and most went to One Nation. The retiress of Longman got it right.
Bring on the election, under Abbott Turnbull retirees have been screwed and the rich have been rewarded. The opposition awaits for Turnbull.

Bob B – 2 August 2018 “To continue to push the tax cuts for big businesses without an explanation that is digestible by us ordinary folk is folly.”

To all these ordinary folks lambasting the current government for reducing corporate tax be aware that competitor jurisdictions have lower taxation rates – Singapore, the USA under Donald Trump. Foreign investors will deploy their capital elsewhere if they cannot get a proper return.
And ordinary folks who continue to fill this forum with drivel should also remember . Dividend imputation was introduced in 1987 tax reforms by the Hawke Keating Labour Government. Prior to that a company would pay company tax on its profits and subsequent dividends, were taxed again as income for the shareholder, a form of double taxation. A capital gains tax was introduced in Australia on 20 September 1985, one of a number of tax reforms by the Hawke Keating government.
Continuing to lambaste this government is a sure sign of myopia.

The number of small businesses is decreasing due to corporate abuses (financial) and government encouraging more of the same. A small business person would be wise to look for someone other than a Coalition or Labor candidate if they hope to stay in business. What the government giveth out with one hand is not much use if Big Business is being encouraged to cut the hand off.

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